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Instruments for the laboratory

DSSS delivers the wide range of high quality laboratory equipments used in routine laboratory applications for analytical, diagnostic and research purposes. Key products include Particle size analyzers, Nitrogen-Protien Analyzer, CHNS Analyzer, Spectrophotometers, Water-analysis equipments, Industrial Steam Sterilizers etc.

Portable data-loggers

DSSS is pioneered in the supply of data-loggers and systems i.e portable, microprocessor controlled data loggers. Small, battery-operated and extremely easy to program, the data-loggers are used to monitor a wide range of physical parameters – PH, Conductivity, Ion Analysis, Temperature, Humidity, Vibration, Light, Density ,Distance, Pressure, Vacuum, Viscosity, Wind Water Potential, Torque. Voltage, Current, Resistance – in research and QA applications in a variety of scientific institutions and industrial applications.

DSSS service and support

DSSS products are available throughout the country, either directly or from appointed distributors who specialize in selling and servicing DSSS equipments. All the eqipments are warranted for 1 year and the customer can go for AMC services also.