We offer a turnkey solution for all your chromatography needs. By using our dedicated team of specialists, we will work with you to understand your requirements, supply the solution and follow up with first class support as and when you require it.

High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) is utilized in a wide range of fields, such as medicine, food production, chemistry, and environmental science, making the demand for HPLC systems higher among the various types of analytical equipment. Our HPLC systems are at the market standards for performance and reliability in both conventional and high-pressure chromatography.

Hitachi Chromaster
Hitachi Chromaster HPLC
  • Two performance capabilities supporting data reliability: excellent reproducibility made possible by the pump and autosampler and excellent stability of the column oven and detector.
  • Along with simple operation and ease of use, Chromaster offers ease of maintenance, a critical requirement for HPLC.
  • Hitachi's reputation for instrument robustness and reliability continues with the Chromaster, which is built using stronger materials and manufactured with Hitachi's strict quality control standards.
Hitachi Primaide
Hitachi Primaide HPLC
  • Thanks to its simple design and front-access layout, maintenance of the Primaide is easy. Even a beginner at LC analysis can confidently operate the Primaide.
  • The Primaide is built according to strict specifications to meet such stringent requirements. In addition, labs can apply the Primaide to an even wider range of applications by employing optional units, such as a sophisticated DAD (Diode Array Detector) and an autosampler cooling unit.
  • Hitachi's strict production quality standards ensures both high performance and endurance. These standards are applied to all equipments from systems to accessories.
Rigol L-3000
Rigol HPLC

RIGOL L-3000 HPLC Systems were designed in accordance with UHPLC standard, with an outstanding operating pressure limit 9,000 psi, that’s the highest pressure range compare to similar HPLC system.

RIGOL LC systems own independent intellectual property rights, all of the key units/modules are of autonomous design and manufacturing.It can be widely used in the fields of pharmaceutical, biochemical, environmental, food safety, petrochemical engineering, agriculturaland etc.

Recognized as number one gas chromatograph manufacturer in China, Fuli Instruments has been designing, developing and manufacturing analytical instruments for a broad range of applications since 1998. Fuli products include gas chromatograph, GC/LC column, gas valve/regulator and other chromatography consumables and instruments. Fuli instruments exports to more than 30 countries and has more than 60 overseas distributors.

Fuli 9720
Fuli GC 9720

The most advanced GC by Fuli.

Fuli 9790-II
Fuli GC 9790-II

The most popular GC by Fuli.

Fuli 9790
Fuli GC 9790

The simplest gas chromatograph.

Qingdao Shenghan Chromatograph Technology Co., Ltd. (Shine Instruments) is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production, sales and after-sales service of ion chromatography and related accessories. Established in 2002,Shenghan has provided perfect solution for the users of more than 4000 different industries so far.

CIC-D100N Ion Chromatograph

CIC-D100 ion chromatograph is a classic product of Shenghan, which has been accepted by many customers. Based on the latest needs of users, Shenghan produced a newly upgraded CIC-D100. Compared with the previous one, it is more accurate and reliable. The new IC not only can detect anions, cations and other polar substances in different matrix samples, but also separate ions with four orders of magnitude difference. Intelligent maintenance function is added to give users a better experience. It is suitable for third-party testing institutions, enterprises, environmental protection, chemical industry, mining and metallurgy and other fields.

CIC-D100 Ion Chromatograph

CIC-D100 is a high-stability ion chromatograph with simple structure. The analysis of anion, cation, cyanide, iodide ,sugar and small molecule organic acid can be realized by combining with conductivity detector and amperometric detector. It is widely used in the fields of environmental protection, disease control, chemical industry, hydrology, mining and metallurgy.

CIC-D120 Ion Chromatograph

CIC-D120 is a high-stability ion chromatograph with upgrade circuit . It can be compatible with external equipment such as amperometric detector, UV detector, ultraviolet-post-column derivatization device and so on. Using Shenghan leading IC column technology, the separation of anion, cation, cyanide, iodide, sugar and small molecular organic acids can be realized. It is widely used in the fields of environment, disease control, food, chemical industry, electronics, mining and metallurgy.

CIC-D160 Ion Chromatograph

CIC-D160 is a high-stability ion chromatograph with upgrade circuit technology ,which can detect anion, cation, cyanide, iodide, sugar and small molecular organic acids . It is widely used in the fields of environment, disease control, food, chemical industry, electronics, mining and metallurgy.

CIC-D280 Ion Chromatograph

CIC-D280 is the achievements of the National Major Project "The Development and Industrialization of Multi-functional Ion Chromatograph", which can realize the detection of anion, cation, cyanide, iodide and sugar . Only one instrument with multi-function can meet the detection needs of food safety, biochemical field, environment, water quality, chemical industry, geology and other industries.

CIC-D300 Ion Chromatograph

CIC-D300 is a kind of ion chromatograph with dual-channel system design. It has stable performance and powerful function. Each channel runs independently at the same time, and does not interfere with each other. It can realize the simultaneous detection of anions and cations, and double the work efficiency.

Beijing Topsky Century Holding Co.,Ltd. is a professional large-scale manufacturer of all types coal mine safety equipment and fire fighting equipment, integrating development and production together. Their main products are portable gas detector, Ventilation Meter, breathing apparatus, Oxygen Self-Rescuer, Water mist system, Pneumatic Chain Saw and related products.

Portable Gas Chromatograph MGC-3000

The 3000 Micro GC Gas Analyzer is a powerful GC solution that provides fast, accurate, reliable analysis of your gas sample on-line, right at the sampling point. It is ideal for the rapid analysis of gas streams in alternative energy, coal mine safety, and the hydrocarbon processing industry, which includes refineries, natural gas production and distribution, chemical operations, and oil and gas exploration. Its rugged construction ensures long-term, trouble-free operation. And with its modular design, reconfiguration and repair can be easily and quickly accomplished by interchanging Micro GC modules, keeping you in control of your gas analysis and your process.

The Portable 3000 Micro GC truly mobilizes gas chromatograph analysis. Simply carry this portable GC to your sampling point, run the analysis and collect the desired measurement data.

It can analyze CH4, CO2, O2, C2H6, N2, CO, H2S, NO, NO2, VOC and other gases at one time. The accuracy of O2/N2 reaches 0.1%, CH4/CO2/C2H6reaches 0.01%, other gases reaches 1 ppm