In 2012, DSS set out with a simple objective of providing effective instrumentation and hassle-free maintenance services to both, institutions as well as individuals. Today, DSS has grown into a name synonymous with quality. Through our collaboration with the most reputed names in instrumentation across the globe, DSS has not only widened its product base, but also its reach. From a small venture that started out as a response to the needs of the scientific community, DSS is now one of the most coveted names in instrumentation in India.

The best quality

DSSS management has established the quality policy by ensuring that quality objectives are established, management reviews are conducted and there is availability of resources. Our customers get the best products which are perfectly aligned with their reqirements while fitting in their budgets.

Continous improvement

Quality Management System in DSSS continuosly improves it's effectiveness by communicating to it's organization team, the importance of meeting customer's requirements as well as statutory and regulatory ones.

Customers are at the heart of our company

Customer service standards are clearly defined in the company. Our clients are informed and involved in their own customer journey. Our agents have the right tools and support to be able to provide superior service, and are rewarded when they do so.